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Art and Design

Taylor, Don
I have lived and worked on the Lizard Peninsula now for over 30 years. I have been collecting and making Driftwood Furniture for 10 years. I now also work the unique Serpentine Stone found around the Lizard. Although traditionally turned on a lathe or intricately carved into animal forms, i have found that i tend to follow the stones natural curves and faults( along with my own curves and faults!) and create someting 'simpler' but hopefully, as attractive and certainly injested with my every mood and creative outburst.

Archer, Michael Dan
Michael Dan Archer is a internationally known sculptor making sculpture for private commission, Public Art works and exhibtions. Working predominantly in marble and granite he also incorporates steel, bronze, cast iron and light into his work. He has installed large works in many important sites around the world and across the UK. He exhibits widely and has attended many sculpture symposia.

Baldwin, Barry
Website showing examples of Architectural Sculpture in stone and bronze. Gallery Sculpture in stone and multi media.

Boultbee, Richard and Fran (the Slate Workshop)
slate sculpture and letter-cutting. also sand blasted lettering and designs. please see above web site for more info.

Bowers, Rob
stone carving and abstract sculpture with some limited edition by artist Rob Bowers. art sculpture to be enjoyed in home surroundings

Broderick, Laurence
In his figurative and abstract sculpture, Laurence Broderick draws inspiration from the female figure and wildlife, in particular the otter and endangered species. When learning of the plight of turtles, polar bears, rhinos and elephants due to man's abuse, it had a profound and emotive effect on expressing his art. Laurence Broderick is predominantly a stone carver, working with many types of stone including Ledmore, Portsoy and Purbeck Marbles, Alabaster, Polyphant Soapstone, Hopton Wood and Ancaster Limestone. Commissions and collections include: The Bull, Bullring, Birmingham Indian Elephant Calf, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Turtle, Prudential, London.

Carter, Jason (Zadeik Stonework)
A keen sculptor, I have recently established my own workshop and I am currently developing my sculpture portfolio. I would like to hear from anybody interested in exhibiting some of my pieces or soliciting commissions.

Churchman, G.C.
Liberating three dimensional forms from the stone - carving shallow or deep relief, figurative, foliage or floral, sometimes patterns or elaborate designs, these variations along with creativity are the essence of my work. Civic, secular or ecclesiastic, bespoke, replication, restoration, commission and monumental.

Creaye, Janine
Fine artist and Stone carver Janine Creaye creates symbolic stone heads and other natural forms for interior and outdoor spaces. She works in marble and other imported polishable stones, as well as English portland and slate. The sculptures may be site specific commissions for public or private sites. Some pieces are available for purchase and are on display in a garden setting. Samples are on the website.

Garner and Buchanan
Garner & Buchanan - hand carved sculpture, lettering, memorials, plaques, signs, sundials for private and public spaces.

New and comprehensive site showing the work of sculptor Hamish Horsley. Featuring his many large public art commissions and works in stone, it also shows his paintings, photography and landscape installations.

Hedge, Jonathan
I carve and design for private and public sculptural commissions in various types of stone. Using a wide range of experience for - restoration projects, contemporary sculptural schemes, interior and exterior decorative ornament and features for garden and landscape.

Hepden, Bill
Carver of Easter Island and Tiki style heads. Staddle stones, Birdbaths, Sundials etc

Hodgson, Laurentia
Stone sculptor. UK.

Jones, Paul
Artist and stone sculptor.

Kindersley, Richard
London studio engaged in carving inscriptions in stone slate and brick, standing stones, architectural lettering, memorials and heraldry. Sculpture and relief carving.

Martin, Peter
A site showing examples of fine architectural stone carving and stone sculpture in limestones and sandstones.

Norris, Nick
London based stone sculptor and carver. Online portfolio with artworks for sale. Commission hand-carved, site specific modern or historical stone sculpture, lettering or architectural carvings.

Pegler, Michael
Sculpture in stone, granite and marble. Photographs of private and public commissions. Member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors

Sky Higgins, stone sculptor
Stone sculptor. UK.

Stewart, Sarah-Smith
A selection of lettercutting and carvings in sandstones, limestones and slates. All hand produced by Sarah Stewart-Smith in her Cornish workshop. Available for commissions by private and corporate clients UK and overseas

Tetlow, Jennifer
Sculptor in stone, based in North Yorkshire, carving mainly Yorkstone and Soapstone. Sculpture of animals, birds and human figure. Also letter cutting and garden ornaments (sundials, birdbaths, planters). Work to commission.

Theodosiou, Pan
Stone sculpture carved in the Brecon Beacons of Wales, using highly polished local stone reflecting the strength and depth of the area. Panico aims to to develop a new vernacular in his sculpture, something to stand alongside the existing tradition of stone sculpture. Then, he believes he will follow in the traditions of true artist-factors by according a contemporary feel to a long-established material

Vans, Jamie
My work is based on the human figure which seems to me the most natural and beautiful subject for sculpture and is a source of constant interest. I am exploring the different forms and textures which result from the choice of varying stones, and the use of different carving techniques and tools. All my sculpture is direct carving in stone. Recent works: The Acrobat's Brother, an over-lifesize Portland stone figure, a private commission for a collection in Los Angeles, and a memorial for the Garden of Remembrance at the parish church, Studley, Warwickshire

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